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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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What is main function of is a free online tool where you can add notes. You can add, edit and delete notes and also change order of the notes.

What is Board?

A board is like a category of notes. You can create different boards and add related notes in each board. You need to signup and login in order to create boards.

What is Guest Board?

The Guest board is the default board that is available to all users. You can use guest board without signing up. The notes in the guest board are stored in browser cookies.

Are my notes stored permanently?

The notes in the Guest board are stored in browser cookies. The cookie expiry is set to 1 year, however if you reset your browser or delete cookies manually, your notes in guest board can be deleted.

How can I permanently store my notes?

We recommend you to signup and create custom boards, and always add your notes in custom boards. The notes in custom boards are stored permanently in our secure database that you can access any time.

Is there any charges for custom boards?

No! You can create unlimited boards without any monthly subscription or charges. All you have to do is create an accout and login to create custom boards.